Nm 2/60 Ne 36/2 – 100% mercerized Merino wool 18.5 Micron


Nm 22000 Ne 13000 – 36% mercerized Merino wool 18.5 Micron – 64% Cotton

Compact spinning technology decreases considerably yarn’s hairiness highlightening brightness and eveness. Furthermore it confers higher tenacity and elongation which means resistance to wear, lower pilling and wearing comfort.
Mercerization’s treatment removes completely flings from the staple’s surface enhancing the versatility without damaging natural wool properties.

X-Factor peculiarities are an extremely soft touch also after several washing processes, high brightness, thermal protection, elasticity and wrinkle  reduction.
Such features makes X-Factor the perfect yarn for any inter-seasonal garment.
For the full inter-season, mercerized wool get mixed with compact cotton with X-Factor Light, offering a more summer aspect and touch.

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Item Yarn Count Composition Gauges Shade Card Stock Service
Nm Ne
X-Factor 2/60 36/2 100% mercerized Merino wool 16-18 gg X-Factor 42
X-Factor light 22000 13000 36% mercerized Merino wool – 64% cotton 14  gg X-Factor 24